Calgary Terminal

Mike Wroblewsky

Mike Wroblewsky,
Terminal Manager

Calgary Terminal
2880 45th Ave S.E.
Calgary, AB
Canada  T2B 3M1

T: 403.720.5800
  toll-free: 888.720.5802
F: 403.720.5801

Customer Service

Under a programme of regionalization, Calgary and Edmonton terminals work together as an integrated unit to provide a full range of services to points in Alberta and the B.C. Interior. Calgary and Edmonton together offer almost 35,000 sq. ft. of quality warehouse space to support these regional operations.

A Day in the Life

Almost since inception, Western Logistics has operated in the
so-called “Rocky Mountains,” which are really a series of
mountain ranges. Now, with four terminals in BC and Alberta,
we connect Edmonton, Calgary, Kelowna, and Vancouver, as
part of our trans-Canada system.

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A Day in the Life
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