Halifax Terminal

Erick Haines

Tim Bennett,
Terminal Manager

101 Thornhill, Dartmouth, NS
Canada B3B 1S2

T: 902.465.3331
  toll-free: 888.495.3331
F: 902.465.3332

"We're hiring some awesome people to operate the new trucks that are arriving soon. We're all workign hard, as proud as peacocks of our new capabilities," said Erick Haines, Terminal Manager. "The customers clearly approve of our new services, and the proof is in the rapid growth which is starting."

A Day in the Life

Western Logistics started scheduled service to Newfound-land on December 1, 2007. This represented completion of its progression across Canada which started in Vancouver in 1990, and resulted in eleven distribution centres along the way.

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A Day in the Life
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…thank you both for providing a trailer on short notice during the recent Laser World Championships held in St. Margaret’s Bay. We were in need of storage due to the arrival Hurricane Bill.

It is your willingness to help, not only in this instance, but also on a daily basis, that makes Western Logistics a great company.

Keith Skiffington
Logistics Laser Worlds