Holland Terminal

Mike Uhl

Mike Uhl,
Terminal Manager

Tamara Oest

Tamara Oest,
Safety & Compliance Manager
C: 616.368.0186

Holland, MI Terminal
8383 Riley Street, Zeeland, MI
USA 49464

T: 616.748.9800
  toll-free: 800.866.6003
F: 616.748.1350

Customer Service

Western Logistics' new 30,000 square foot facility in Zeeland has been built to service multiple US and Canadian destinations and reaffirms our commitment to the world-renowned manufacturers in West Michigan. While Western Logistics is still a minor player in this market, we have confidence and ambition for future growth in this dynamic market.

A Day in the Life

Surrounded by three Great Lakes, “the UP” is subjected to savage weather. Fortunately, we have career drivers who are not fazed by these conditions.

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A Day in the Life
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