Toronto Terminal

Ryan Decker
Ryan Decker,
Terminal Manager

Denis Lamarche

Denis Lamarche,
Operations Manager

Marc Fernandes

Marc Fernandes,
Line-Haul Manager

Jasmin Collitz

Jasmin Collitz,
Customer Care Supervisor

Toronto Terminal
2750 Drew Road
Mississauga, ON
Canada  L4T 3C4

T: 905.799.7321
  toll-free: 800.701.4328
F: 905.799.7324

Customer Service

Some of the world leaders in office furniture have visited our Toronto facility to ascertain "... how Western Logistics is in a class by itself" in loading office furniture and avoiding damage. The answer, for us is simple: our people know what they're doing, they have the best tools for the job, ... and (get ready for this) THEY CARE!

I would like to say thank you for helping me out on this issue, I really appreciate your help and I am pretty sure the client will be happy as well. Once again thank you.

R. Rigamonte,
Shipping Co-ordinator,
Teknion Furniture Systems